3D Printing – Form 2

The UM3D Lab operates a Formlabs Form 2 3d printer with multiple materials to choose from. The Form 2 is a bit different from many 3d printers in that the parts are printed upside down in a pool of photo sensitive resin. The Form 2 selectively solidifies the resin in layers as thin as 25 micron (0.025 mm) with a laser. The Form 2 automatically constructs supports to secure the part to the build plate during fabrication and act as scaffolds for overhanging geometry. This works quite well but some geometries may prove difficult on the Form 2 as the support must be physically removed and may lead to damage or heavy surface scarring.

Form 2 Details

Machine Specifications

Build Size:
5.7 x 5.7 in
145 x 145 mm
Layer thickness:
.025 mm to .100 mm


There are many materials available for the Form 2. We carry the standard materials and Flexible. The specs for each are below.

Parts can only be made with one resin. If a print has multiple parts in two or more colors (for example: one clear and another black), separate setup fees will be applied.


For printing on all production 3d  printers, there is a $20 setup fee. After that, it is based on the amount of material used, which varies based on the size of the print. On the Form 2, the cost is $0.20 per ml of material.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Form 2 best for?

The Form 2 is great for sculptures and other objects that require high feature detail. We offer the full range of standard materials for color and translucency choices. We also offer the flexible material. The Form 2 is not ideal moving mechanisms or parts that require high accuracy.

Is part strength uniform?

The strength of a part made in the Form 2 is uniform in all directions.

Why is there a $20 set-up fee?

The $20 set-up fee covers the costs of supplies and services including:
1. The build plate and other supplies that need to be replaced over time.
2. To pay for the staff operation and maintenance of the machines.

Can I bring my own material?

The printers are made to use only certain materials so no other materials are allowed in them since it would damage the printers.

Can it print transparent parts?

Yes, Clear is able to print translucent part. More clarity in the parts can be achieved with additional post-processing.

Can I print parts without support?

The support is always present at the base of the material. It helps attach the part to the base and makes it possible to remove the part after it is printed.