3D Printing Migration Test


How to submit a model for quote…

  • Inspect Your Model

    Make sure your model can be printed, is of the proper scale, and doesn’t have any errors such as intersecting triangles.
  • Upload A File

    Use the form below to submit your model. Make sure the file size is less than 100MB. If submitting multiple files combine them into a single ZIP file for submitting.
  • Confirm Price/Job

    Within 1-2 business days you will receive a quote. Once we receive confirmation from you to print the part(s), and Invoice will be sent with the final cost.
  • Pickup Your Part

    You will receive an email when done printing. Please bring your invoice with either a credit card or payment or the shortcode information filled out (and signed).
Jobs typically take less than five business days. However, no guarantee is given as other factors, such as the size and number of jobs in the queue, can have a significant impact on this. Although we may suggest data modifications, and can help guide you in fixing them, UM3D Lab does not repair or work on submitted data. If concerned about timing we suggest you include this in your description below or contact our 3D Printing experts at um3d-rp@umich.edu.

Submit Your Model Online (Migration Test)

To submit parts for the ProJet , select ProJet resin for the material.

We are in the process of moving to a new submission form. Please let us know if you encounter any problems at um3d@umich.edu..