3D Printing – PrintrBot

The UM3D Lab offers a wide range of 3D Printing technologies to help you create physical versions of your digital creations. We want to provide you the technology and support needed for you to do what you do best, come up with great ideas and novel uses!

For those interested in learning a bit more about the 3d printing process we have a small collection of PrintrBot Play 3d printers. The PrintrBot Play is a low cost single extruder head Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3d printer. What this means is that the PB heats and extrudes thermoplastic from a single nozzle. If you’ve used the Cube 2 printers before you will already have some idea of how it works. If you have no experience with 3D printing, don’t worry as we have consultants on staff to guide you through the process!

Note: PrintrBot 3d printers are part of the ‘Guided 3D Printing’ service. Material is provided by the MLibrary. Consultants operate the print server, load material, and remove parts from the 3d printer. PrintrBots are an educational resource, they are not production 3d printers. See ‘Guided 3D Printing‘ for details.

General hours for support in the UM3D Lab are: Monday-Friday: 10:ooam – 5:oopm

PrintrBot 3D Printer Cluster

Steps to 3D Printing on the PrintrBot Play:

  • 1. Learn Cura

    Review the Cura Guide. This will help you setup your 3d model for print. Note that you can also come in at any time during normal lab hours – hours other than those reserved for 3D Printing – to set up your print and generate the g-code.
  • 2. Get Access to the PB

    PrintrBots are only available when a 3D Printing Consultant is on staff. During these hours you can submit your g-code file for printing. Consultant hours move around so be sure to check the calendar.
  • 3. Set up your 3D Print

    You will use Cura to set up your 3d print job. A computer at the UM3D Lab has been specially configured for the PrintrBot Play. Only use this computer as an improperly configured software can damage the PrintrBot Play.
  • 4. Retrieve your 3d printed part

    Please return the Cube to the state that you found it in. Remove your part, clean the print plate, toss any waste, return checkout items, and don’t forget to take your USB memory stick.

Additional Information

Are these printers not doing what you need? Do you need higher resolution, different materials, or generally higher fidelity? Let us know. We have a wide range of resources and often know where to go if we’re not a fit for what you need.