Working with Us

The University of Michigan 3D Lab is a unique place that strives to build up all who seek our assistance or resources. We take great pride in working with others and celebrate the learning spirit. If you are interested in working closely with the lab, using some of our resources, or becoming a member of the group this page will give a little more insight on how we operate. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The UM3D Lab is a large supporter of the academic environment and continuously offer career and skill building opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students. As such, we will often hire, train, and mentor students to not only provide them with critical skills necessary for today’s job market but to also give them the opportunity to work on meaningful projects in a production environment which benefit the research community. We don’t always have openings but hire top talent and offer competitive wages when we do. We are strong supporters of UROP as well.

We are no longer hiring for the Fall semester, but may have additional opportunities during the Winter term.
We are currently hiring the following positions. They can be found on the student employment website. Those interested should send a cover letter, resume and examples of past work to:

Positions for Students – Fall
(Ref# 24365) This involves working directly with, and helping users navigate, the various technologies of the Lab (3D Printers/Scanners, Motion Capture, Virtual Reality, Kinect, etc.) while providing initial guidance on techniques and methods needed to fully leverage the Lab’s resources. (10-20hrs/wk, $11-$15/hr)
3D Printing
(Ref# 20607) Get hands on experience working with additive manufacturing tools such as our 3D Printers. Looking for an organized, quick learner. Experience ‘making’ things a plus. (10-30hrs/wk, $10-$15/hr)
Web Development
(Ref# 20806) Looking for individuals to help develop cutting edge learning tools and online experiences that provide unique ways for researchers and students to learn ancient languages. (10-20hrs/wk, $11-$15/hr)
If interested in using the UM3D Lab’s resources for your next project we would love to hear from you. Internally funded research is generally free of charge and we will do everything we can to ensure you’re project is a success. However, since our resources are limited every project goes through a simple review process which starts with a form. If the resources are not available for our team to directly work on your project there are other avenues we can explore such as the hiring of additional help or training individuals already within your group. If your project is federally funded or currently seeking funding sources we ask that you contact a core staff member in the area of interest to talk about the available options.
Perhaps you are just entering the world of 3D technologies or perhaps you have some ideas of your own that you want to explore. The UM3D Lab loves to hear from energetic self-motivated individuals. Volunteers of the lab, which many have started out as, are trained in the areas that interest them the most while having the opportunity to be a part of exciting projects that come through our doors. If interested in volunteering with the lab, please contact us and tell us what motivates you.