Walk Up - Cube 2

The UM3D Lab offers a wide range of Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing technologies to help you create physical versions of your digital creations. We want to provide you the technology and support needed for you to do what you do best, come up with great ideas and novel uses.

As part of our service we have a collection of walk-up Cube 2 printers which give you the opportunity to get your hands dirty and print designs yourself. These printers are currently located in the Duderstadt Center just past the 1st floor info desk. All you need to get started is a material cartridge, an STL file, and registration into the reservation system. Below is a list of tutorials to get started, some helpful links for reserving time on the printers, and generally how to get started.

General hours for support in the UM3D Lab are: Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm
3D Printer Cluster

3D Printer Cluster

Steps to 3D Printing on the Cube 2:

  • 1. Learn to Operate the Machine

    Review the how-to videos and the FAQ. They’re short and show you how to use the printers so your part comes out correctly (and the machine survives the process). You will need this information to pass the knowledge test. Make sure you are watching the Cube 2 tutorials.
  • 2. Get Access to the Printers

    To be able to reserve the printers we need to know you understand how the printers operate and how to print a part. Take a basic knowledge test showing you understand what’s in the videos.
  • 3. Reserve a 3D Printer

    Once you’ve been added to the system (you will receive an email), you can reserve time on a printer through the Event Management System (EMS) reservation system. Once you’ve reserved a time block you can then get a key from the info desk during your reserved time.
  • 4. Print Your Creation

    To fabricate your part you will need a PLA material cartridge (NO ABS), and a USB memory stick containing your Cube file. It may take a couple tries to have a successful print, but once you get the hang of it you will be on your way! Be sure to order PLA material only as ABS is not permitted on MLibrary Cubes.
  • 5. Final Cleanup

    Please return the Cube to the state that you found it in. Remove your part, clean the print plate, toss any waste, return checkout items, and don’t forget to take your USB memory stick.

Additional Information

Are these printers not doing what you need? Do you need higher resolution, different materials, or generally higher fidelity? Let us know. We have a wide range of resources and often know where to go if we’re not a fit for what you need.