Eric Maslowski

Manager, Technical Creative Consultant

Expertise: advanced visualization, 3d modeling and animation, HCI, software development, visual effects, training


+1 (734) 615-9699

Theodore Hall

Advanced Visualization Specialist

Expertise: software development, architecture, advanced visualization, human computer interaction


+1 (734) 647-5745

Steffen Heise

Advanced Hardware and Motion Capture Specialist

Expertise: hardware configuration, lab access, motion capture


+1 (734) 647-5746

Shawn O’Grady

Digital Fabrication Specialist

Expertise: digital fabrication, rapid prototyping, 3d scanning


+1 (734) 615-2844

Stephanie O’Malley

Interactive Imaging and Production Specialist

Expertise: 3D modeling, animation, digital painting, motion graphics


+1 (734) 763-2802

Sean Petty

Graphics Engine Programmer

Expertise: software development, advanced visualization, shader development


+1 (734) 615-5675

Student Consultants

Rachael Miller
Human Computer Interaction, Programming, and Kinect Development
James Cheng
Visualization, VisIt & Paraview, and Programming
Dyan Castro
After Effects, Video Editing, and Photography
Josie Keenan
3D Scanning, Model Cleanup, Communications, and Outreach
Noniko Hsu
Materialize Suite, Model Cleanup, Rapid Prototyping

Student Staff/Temps

Stephen Bizer
Artist for SCI-Hard game
Scott Spangler
Artist for SCI-Hard game and visualization of Dark Matter
Sean Sheehan
Programmer for SCI-Hard game and PainTrek
Kevin Roelefs
Programmer for SCI-Hard game

UROP Students

Juliana Bottenberg
Digital Preservation of Ancient Artifacts with Photogrammetry
Rachael Havens
Tracking Facial Expressions and Emotive Qualities Using the Kinect
Charles Lewis
Configurable Human Mesh Generator with WebGL
Jennifer Hoffman Maxwell
Virtual Jetski Driving Simulator


Klaus-Peter Beier
(1999-2010) Retired, Commander of the Catamaran

Core Staff

Andrew Smith
(2011) Instructor, Ferris State University
Lars Schumann
(1999-2008) Program of Computer Graphics, Cornell University
Brett Lyons
(2001-2008) Research & Development, Boeing
Scott Hamm
(2003-2008) Instructional Support Services, University of Michigan

Students and Associates

Darren Robinson
Graduated, Computer Science, University of Michigan
Emily Joy Cedar
Student, University of Michigan
Michael Skrzynski
Student, Computer Science, University of Michigan
Alejandro Guerrero
Graduate Student, School of Information, University of Michigan
Mathew Schwartz
Student, Art & Design, University of Michigan
Rebecca Gebhard
Student, Computer Science ,University of Michigan
Sarah Osman
Graduated, LSA, University of Michigan
Noah Akiva Klugman
Graduated, Engineering, University of Michigan
Michael Theodore
Student, Art & Design, University of Michigan
Nicolas Haskins
Student, Computer Science, University of Michigan
Hariprasad Govardhanam
Student, Computer Science, University of Michigan
John Yu-hsien Chang
Sheikh Shafeen Mahmud
Student, Computer Science, University of Michigan
Walter Lowe III
Web Designer, Blue Cross
Nona Ebrahimi
Student, Computer Engineering & Screen Arts
Lilienne Chan
Student, Gnomon Institute
Eric Priestly
Freelance Artist, Los Angeles
Victor Uhal
Twig Creative, Chicago
Nick Grundler
Student, Animation Mentor
Ed Mann
Student, Animation Mentor
Anna McApline
Jessica Sears
Tool Maker, Linear Molds & Engineering
Mike Iden
Student, University of Michigan
Alexis Stepanek
Student, University of Michigan
Austin Baker
U.S. Army
Gabriel Cirio
University of Loon, France
Jamie Cope
CEO, nFormation Design L.L.C.

UROP Students

Robert Soltesz
Dynamic Inputs – Interpreting Emotive Qualities of Users with the Kinect
Andrew Janke
Remote Input – iOS Server Communication
Akshay Ananth Moorthy
Dynamic Inputs – Angle Determination and Motion Synthesis with the Kinect
Julianne Nikki Tsai
Digital Preservation of Artifacts with Photogrammetry
Si Hui Yang
Universal Character System – Oral/Facial Detailing
Shuheng Huang
Dynamic Inputs – Real-time Character Animation via Motion Capture
Michael Hu
Dynamic Inputs – VRPN Integration and Steering Wheel Implementation
Karan Hemantkumar Patel
Geological Data Input – GDAL Implementation
Miguel Andres Sanchez
Dynamic Inputs – MIDEN Control via iPad
Marta Anna Puskarz
Universal Character System – Motion Capture Integration
Samuel Benjamin Zoll
Universal Character System – Skin Texturing
Sung Ho Park
Geological Data Input – GDAL Implementation
Ashwin R Bharadwaj
Virtual Football Trainer – Networking and Remote Communication
Adrienne Llanes
Dynamic Inputes, Natural Feature Tracking Augmented Reality
Ashwin Bharadwaj
Geographical Visualization, Loader
Karan Hemantkumar Patel
Jetski Driving Simulator, controller board configuration
Marta Anna Puskarz
Universal Character System, Motion Capture Integration
Michael Hu
Dynamic Inputs, VRPN and Steering Wheel
Miguel Andres Sanchez
Dynamic Inputs, iPod Utilization in VR
Samuel Benjamin Zoll
Universal Character System, Skin tone mapping
Shuheng Huang
Universal Character System, Real-time motion capture application
Si Hui Yang
Universal Character System, Mouth modeling and deteriation
Sung Ho Park
Geographical Visualization, Loader