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Texturing - Projection Painting with Mudbox
03-10-2011, 07:44 AM (This post was last modified: 03-10-2011 07:45 AM by Eric Maslowski.)
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Texturing - Projection Painting with Mudbox
Mudbox offers some great texture painting capabilities. Aside from the ability to paint directly onto the surface/texture (which is different from ZBrush) using images, brushes, etc. you can also work closely with Photoshop to take advantage of the many tools it has to offer. "Puppet Warp" in particular is a huge time saver for precision texture painting. The tutorials are intended as instruction for those wanting to add to the Universal Character System, but offer some solid tips for painting textures in Mudbox.

01 - Head Projection Paint (A)
This tutorial goes over the use of Mudbox for texturing the Universal Character System's head.

02 - Head Projection Paint (B)
Continuation of using projection painting for the head, this time covering layers in Mudbox and painting the side/back of the head.

03 - Head Cleanup (A)
Here we export the texture from mudbox to clean up the head texture

04 - Head Cleanup (B)
Here we continue to cleanup the head texture handling symmetry and fixing some errors with the previous texture.

05 - Precision Projection
In this tutorial we look at a few methods that allow for far more precise projection painting. It is very similar to ZBrush's ZAppLink process with a few distinctions (no need to mask and little more control).

05 - Precision Projection (Error Fix)
In this video we take a deeper look into why screen projection doesn't always work, ways to work around it, and how to avoid problems in the first place.

06 - Body Projection Paint
In this tutorial we go over a few techniques for projection painting the body such as the clone brush and choosing proper references.

07 - Body Cleanup
Here we use Photoshop to cleanup areas of our texture using the patch tool, clone stamp, and more.

08 - Hand Cleanup
In this tutorial we look at a few techniques for dealing with the hands and feet such as hiding parts of the model and proper sampling of material for the stamp tool.

09 - Error Cleanup
This tutorial goes over a small error that can occur when projecting textures and using the "Export Channel to PSD".

10 - WrapUp & Tips
Here we recap the texturing process going over a few tips as well.

11 - Artifacts Fix
A quick description of the error mentioned earlier in the tutorial series and how to avoid it.

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