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The University of Michigan Libraries has some the rarest and well preserved books in the world. Many of these books are unavailable for the general public to peruse at their own leisure. The “PictureIt” project aimed to create a more natural interface for interacting with digital books online.

Initially using a series of freely available programming libraries and Adobe Flex, a generalized framework was created that automatically sizes itself to the pages/images given to it. One can then click-n-drag on the page corners to interactively turn the pages of the book. One can also explore deeper by entering “detail view” which provides an interface for zooming and panning high resolution scans of the current page so the finer details can be appreciated as well.

An iOS version was recently developed for the University of Michigan as well based off of the Unity3D engine.

Journals, Publications, Presentations


(Overview of the PictureIt: Epistles of Paul App)


The iOS version is now released and available through iTunes. The app is NOT optimized for iPhone 5 yet. The original Flash version freely available under Creative Commons license.

PictureIt: Audubon Collection – Link
PictureIt (iOS): Epsitles of Paul – Link


PictureIt: Audubon Collection
Catherine Soehner
Project Lead
John Williams
Project Lead
Eric Maslowski
Digital Art & Software Developer
Lilienne Chan
Digital Art Assistant
John Weise
Deployment Consultant
PictureIt (iOS): Epistles of Paul
Arthur Verhoogt
Project Lead
Adam Hyatt
Project Lead
Sean Petty
Software Developer
Stephanie O’Malley
Digital Artist
Eric Maslowski
Project Manager


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