Recent Projects

  • PictureIt – Rare Book Reader
    The University of Michigan Libraries has some the rarest and well preserved books in the world. Many of these books are unavailable for the general public to peruse at their own leisure. The “PictureIt” project aimed to create a more natural interface for interacting with rare digital books online.
  • PainTrek – Personal Pain Tracking and Analysis
    PainTrek is an innovative computer/mobile application that measures pain area and progression in a particular subject or group of patients using a unique and accurate anatomical 3D system.
  • Digital Preservation of Artifacts
    The University of Michigan has an amazing collection of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts with ~10% ever visible by the public at any given time. Using 3D Scanning and Photogrammetry technologies we’re developing methods for digitally preserving these objects.
  • Virtual Reality as a Surrogate Sensory Environment
    Virtual Reality (VR) aims to elicit sensory responses to simulated environments. In any simulation, it’s important to determine at the outset: the critical stimuli; the VR system’s capabilities to produce them; and the expected range of sensory and behavioral responses to those stimuli. The 3D Lab’s premier apparatus for immersive VR simulation is the MIDEN.

Past Projects (44)

  • Wahoo Passenger Ferry Visualization
    Students in the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering use advanced visualization to evaluate clearances and accessibility in their design of a large passenger ferry, in full-scale immersive 3D.
  • Wayfinding in Assisted Living Homes
    Assisted living homes have a tendency to be difficult to navigate for visitors and residents. This project aims to use virtual reality to assess what visual cues the aged use when navigating assisted living homes.
  • Back Quack
    Back Quack is an online game created with support from CHRT and Blue Cross of Michigan which aims to educate general practitioners and patients in various forms of back pain and the proper treatments.
  • Danielle Battaglia: The Toroidal Universe
    Would-be space travelers now can fly through the universe without ever leaving Ann Arbor. For her senior integrative-project thesis, Danielle Battaglia created a 3-D model of her theory that the universe could be a multiverse based on budding toroidal forms, then installed the model into the virtual-reality MIDEN at the 3-D Lab in the Duderstadt Center.
  • Digital Duplication of Bo Schembechler
    In preparation for the opening of a new Cardiology section of the University of Michigan Hospital dedicated to the late Bo Schembechler, a local artist created a lifesize bust of the legendary football coach which was then scanned and cast as gifts for donors.
  • 3D Visualization of Renal Gene Clusters
    Various forms of data are quite complex and often need new methods of exploration to intrepret the data or make discoveries. This project looks into the visualization of complex networks using the Virtual Reality MIDEN.
  • Motion Capture and Movement Experiments
    Often this equipment is not fully explored and tested in non-conventional terms due to time. These experiments aimed to provide better insight into motion capture and see what it is truly capable of.