3D Printing – ProJet 3500

As a part of the services at the 3D Lab, we have a ProJet 3500 3D printer. It works on an “additive manufacturing” principle by selectively applying material in thin cross sectional layers. What sets the ProJet apart from the other printers at the 3D Lab is the method of additive manufacturing it uses. Instead of adding layers of plastic in thin strings, it uses thousands of jets to apply a layer of liquid resin which is cured using UV light. This allows the ProJet to get much finer layer resolution, down to 16 microns, and thus create smooth surfaces with feature detail down to 200 microns. It is important to remember that parts made on the ProJet are significantly more expensive due to the higher cost of material, head cleaning jetting operations, and the lack of a sparse infill as all parts are printed solid.


ProJet 3500 Details

Machine Specifications

Build size:
11.75 x 7.3 in
298 x 185 mm
Layer Resolution
16 or 32 micron


There are a handful of materials available for the ProJet, however, we only use M3 Crystal due to its ease on the print head, overall print quality, and bio-compatibility.


For printing on all full service printers, there is a $20 setup fee. After that, it is based on the amount of material used, which varies based on the size for the part. On the ProJet, the cost is $0.39 per gram of model material and $0.26 per gram of support material.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ProJet best for?

The ProJet excels at printing parts that require the highest feature detail, accuracy, thin walls and bio-compatibility. It is not well suited for parts that require excessive amounts of material or take more than 38 hours to fabricate.

Is part strength uniform?

Parts strength is uniform in all directions.

Why is there a $20 set-up fee?

The $20 set-up fee covers the costs other than material used including: pay for the staff running the machines and other costs associated with machine maintenance.

Can I bring my own materials?

The printer is made to use only specific material so no other materials are allowed in them since it could damage the printers.

Can I print transparent parts?

Yes you can. If you specify that you need to use the M3 Crystal for your part, it will be translucent.

Can I print parts with only the support wax?

The printer cannot print parts with only the support.

Can I print parts without the support wax?

The ProJet requires the use of wax support to anchor the part and provide scaffolding for overhanging geometry.