• Vicon Motion Capture
    High accuracy capturing of motion for analysis and animation
  • M.I.D.E.N.
    A fully immersive virtual reality space.
  • Stereowall
    A large stereoscopic 3D projection system capable of projecting 3D movies, interactive simulations, live 3D video feeds, or 3D powerpoint slides.
  • 3D Printer
    Rapid, low-cost creation of 3D objects in plaster
  • FDM Machine
    High fidelity creation of 3D objects in plastic
  • Tiled Display
    A high resolution, interactive display for when panning and zooming become too much.
  • Laser Scanner
    High accuracy scanning of 3D objects
  • Render Garden
    240 virtual cores for speeding up the generation of images and animations.
  • Workstations
    High powered workstations with tons of software and peripherals
  • Haptic Feedback
    devices allowing you to “feel” a virtual object
  • 3D Digitizer
    point registering device for reverse engineering
  • Kinect
    Low-cost full body tracking and scanning
  • Emotiv EPOC
    Control the computer with brain waves using this EEG device.

(dev) Tips

  • master portfolio items that hold many elements like “hardware” are empty.
  • point directly a “page” that has nested portfolio
  • tabs are a little flaky. not sure what exactly is supported but images and text seem to work.
  • watch out for DIVs when copy/pasting content. can break and not show spacing

(dev) Todo

  • need to test gallery/nested portfolio
  • need to test nested video in tabs