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  • Advanced Visualization

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Visualization is the distilling of data into a visual form to expose meaning or increase understanding. Perhaps you have volumetric data of solar winds, an architectural space that needs to be experienced before being built, or even a theory you think can be better shared visually. Regardless of where you’re starting from we’re here to help give you access to the technology and expertise to realize your vision.


  • 3D Printing

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3D printing is the creation of a physical object from a digital model. If you have no experience with 3D printing and are looking for a great introduction to using a 3D printer yourself, or if you have a project you would like to have printed by a professional, the UM3D lab has the technologies to assist you.

  • Motion Capture

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Motion Capture is the recording of movement in 3D space. Many people have heard of motion capture from its use in creating animated characters for movies and video games. At the 3D lab, we are applying this technology to projects in other fields such as kinesiology, anthropology, and even aerospace. If you want to capture and study motion in 3D space, we can provide you with the guidance and expertise to see if motion capture can benefit your project and help you through the steps.


  • 3D Capturing

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This is a process often used in the preservation of artifacts and in iterative design. The ability to take an existing object and re-create it digitally allows artifacts to be forever preserved and also made more widely available through digital platforms. For inventors, designers and creators, capturing an existing object can allow for improvements to its design and functionality in digital form.


  • Project Development

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The 3D Lab is available to consult with you on your project and assist in the development process. From interactive applications to simulations, allow us to introduce you to various technology that may be available for your cause and assist with custom development.


  • Teaching & Learning

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One of our main goals in the Lab is to share what we’ve learned so others can not only apply it to their own efforts but also allow them to take it further. We maintain a selection of online tutorials offer regular workshops.