Advanced Visualization

Perhaps you have volumetric data of solar winds, an architectural space that needs to be experienced before being built, or even the desire to simulate mass casualty scenarios for training first responders. Advanced Visualization at the University of Michigan 3D Lab allows you to take a wide range of data and display it in a visually rich source that allows for easier exploration and discovery in research, education, and creative activities. The icons below represent key steps in visualization at the UM3D Lab and what is necessary to build and explore your own creations.
  • Top 10 (Vis)
    10 great things about visualization and why you should consider using it.
  • How It Works (Vis)
    What is “Advanced Visualization” and how does one begin to use it.
  • How Is It Used (Vis)
    When does it make sense to use visualization and where is it commonly found.
  • Our Equipment (Vis)
    Learn more about the different technologies we have and how you can use them.
  • Limitations (Vis)
    Learn more about when visualization is a square peg for a round hole and where the technology falls short.
  • Tips (Vis)
    Need to make content for your M.I.D.E.N. masterpiece? This section provides some tips and tricks to get you started with visualization.
  • Submit (Vis)
    Ready to use visualization in your project, tell us what you have in mind.
  • Showcase (Vis)
    See how others have been using visualization through the UM3D Lab
  • Pricing (Vis)
    We’re currently working on our fee structure for this service. Contact us if interested in using the service.