Motion Capture

Motion Capture at the University of Michigan 3D Lab allows one to digitally capture the movement of an object in 3D space. This data can then be used to animate digital characters, perform motion analysis on a person’s walk, or even give autonomous behavior to helicopters. The system is flexible and has been applied to a wide range of seemingly disparate disciplines. Feel free to explore the categories below to learn more about Motion Capture and what you need to apply it to your own ideas.
  • How It Works (Mocap)
    What is Motion Capture, how does one begin to use it, and why the suits are so tight.
  • How Is It Used (Mocap)
    When does it make sense to use motion capture and where is it commonly found.
  • Our Equipment (Mocap)
    Learn more about the different technologies we have and how you can use them.
  • Tips (Mocap)
    Learn a few things that can help make your capture session a successful one.
  • Pricing (Mocap)
    We’re currently working on our fee structure for this service. Contact us for a free capture session.
  • Submit (Mocap)
    Do you want to use Motion Capture in your next project or class? Tell us what you have in mind.
  • Showcase (Mocap)
    See how others have been using Motion Capture through the UM3D Lab