Rapid Prototyping

Ever have a design created on the computer that you wanted to hold in your hands? Rapid Prototyping at the University of Michigan 3D Lab allows you to take a design, digital sculpture, or other almost any other 3D model and create a physical prototype of it. The 3D printing process can build objects of any complexity and may be used to produce tangible forms of: mechanical parts, architectural designs, art work, etc. Feel free to explore the categories below to learn more about rapid prototyping and what you need to do to build your own creations.
  • Top 10 (RP)
    10 great things about rapid prototyping and why you should consider using it.
  • How it Works (RP)
    how printing works. perhaps two other sub categories for the different types of “3d printing” (fdm, 3dp, etc.)
  • How Is It Used (RP)
    When does it make sense to use rapid prototyping and where is it commonly found.
  • Our Equipment (RP)
    Learn more about the different technologies we have and how you can use them.
  • Limitations (RP)
    All technologies have limitations. Learn what our machines struggle with.
  • Materials (RP)
    Plaster or Plastic? Learn more about the material options we offer…
  • Tips (RP)
    3D Printing has it’s own model requirements. Learn how to prepare your model for our machines.
  • Pricing (RP)
    Learn more about how much Rapid Prototyping costs.
  • Rapid Prototyping Submission
    Ready to get your model printed. Learn how to submit it online or in-person.