Ever have an object that you wanted to bring into the computer to modify or take measurements from? 3D Scanning at the University of Michigan 3D Lab allows you to scan a physical 3D object into the computer which can then be sculpted, accurately measured, archived, or even duplicated. Whether your have interest in engines, faces, potatoes, or insects, our various 3D Scanners can quickly get your objects into digital form. Feel free to explore the categories below to learn more about 3D Scanning and what you need to do to scan your own objects.
  • Showcase (Scan)
    See how others have been using scanning with the UM3D Lab
  • Top 10 (Scan)
    10 great things about scanning and why you should consider using it.
  • How It Works (Scan)
    What is “Scanning” and how does one begin to use it.
  • How Is It Used (Scan)
    When does it make sense to scan an object and where is it commonly found.
  • Our Equipment (Scan)
    Learn more about the different technologies we have and how you can use them.
  • Limitations (Scan)
    Learn more about what can be scanned and what goes beyond the technologies limits.
  • Tips (Scan)
    Getting ready for a scan session? This section provides some tips to help make sure it goes smoothly.
  • Submit (Scan)
    Ready to scan your object? Talk with us to schedule a session.
  • Refinement (Scan)
    Once the scanning is done, chances are you will need to spend some time cleaning the data. Learn how here.
  • Pricing (Scan)
    We’re currently working on our fee structure for this service. Contact us if interested in using the service